Friday, July 12, 2013

When 1,000 Square Feet just ISN'T Enough

Alooooooooha! My husband and I are living the dream in Hawaii. We married and bought a home we thought would fit us for a few years and then we'd move into a bigger home and have kids. Ha ha ha, God is such a joker. This was 8 years, 3 kids, 2 cats ago and we're still in our 1,052 square foot home (that includes the garage). When our girls were ready to be sent to school, my husband announced that we would be homeschooling them. He is a product of the public education system here and I am the product of homeschooling. Why wouldn't we homeschool? I had no good answer to that question, so here I am! 

One of my favorite things to do is surf @Pinterest and see all the wonderful ideas people have come up with for homeschooling their children. Just yesterday I saw an amazing idea where a teacher put wooden paneling across an entire wall. This way she can create a time line by using pictures and Velcro. Genius. So, I look around and realize I just don't have the wall space for something like this. Darn it. I really need to stay away from Pinterest.

We are grain-free in our home, and our youngest daughter has a nut allergy. So, any recipes I post will be grain-free, gluten free, nut free, and super yummy. I use a classical model for educating our girls, and am currently a Classical Conversations Foundations tutor.  

I plan to use this blog to post ideas I've used in our teeny tiny living space to make it easier to live, learn, and love in such small quarters. I'll post Gluten-Free recipes we love, storage ideas, and homeschool ideas. I am so very excited for the new (school) year and all we are going to explore. 

In closing, I'll leave you with a recipe for REAL home-made Vanilla Extract. I've made 24 bottles for Christmas gifts this year.

Real Vanilla Extract

What you will need:


  • Sanitize your bottles - boil water and place bottles and caps in boiling water or fill with hot soapy water and rinse WELL. Allow to dry. 
  • Cut your vanilla beans in half and then lengthwise (but not all the way through). Open beans a bit and then place in your bottles.  
  • Pour 1 Cup of Vodka in each bottle. 
  • Store in a dark cabinet and shake once a week for 4-6 months until the liquid is daaaaaark brown. 
  • Enjoy!